The products have been proven to provide significant cost savings to many satisfied customers.

●    30 years experience - Schools, Hospitals, restaurants, fast food chains, convenience stores and prisons

●     Leader in trash reduction and recycling systems

●     Manufactures, markets, installs, and maintains trash reduction and recycling systems

Our business is more than making trash compactors.

●     Modify and adapt to customer needs

●     Reliable trouble free equipment for decades of use

●     Customers receive a fast payback on initial investment

●     Cost effective

●     Significantly reduces the number, size & pickups of dumpsters

●    Reduces facility waste volume by up to 80%

●     Reduces trips to the dumpsters

●     Reduces labor costs

 Other major benefits include:

●    Cleaner facilities and grounds, also improved security

●    Elimination of injuries associated with heavy trash loads
      because of the "no lift" system

●    Ease of operation and maintenance



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No Touch Waste Handling
                                 Single and Multi-Chamber Systems