How We Save You Money
High trash removal costs come from four sources:

(1) the number of dumpsters,
(2) the size of dumpster and,
(3) the number of pickups per week
(4) labor cost
Most companies spend far more than they need to on trash removal simply because of volume. The greater the trash volume, the higher the cost of removal. Our systems work on a very simple principal. We take the air out of your trash, thereby minimizing the volume. The following chart shows the effect of compaction.
Our cost justification is based on 2 to 1 reduction.
Any reduction in excess of this generates additional savings.
The SPD Solutions reduction range is from 8 to 1-to-20 to 1
It only makes sense that if you reduce the volume of your trash you can favorably affect all four cost areas. As the volume of your trash is reduced your need for the number and size of dumpsters is proportionately reduced as well as the number of pick-up trips.
Plus, recycling is made easy with our system. With our system, you may be able to turn some of your trash into a revenue producing source using our suggested methods.

SPD Solutions trash removal systems reduce the volume of trash by up to 80%. Some customers have reported trash removal cost reduction of  thousands of dollars a month.


Stop hauling your profits to the landfill!
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